Thursday, April 24, 2008

Don't Kids Go To School Anymore?

I'm in Virginia Beach for business tonight, and I've been struck by a few observations. #1: Traffic in the Old Dominion State, and the whole DC area for that matter, really sucks. #2: Did I miss a memo or do kids get out of school when ever they want now?

I know this is a beach town, and in my previous visits, both for work and with Inky, we've seen a lot of people here regardless of the season. But, on this visit, with temps in the upper 70's, there have been an inordinate amount of children in town. I'm not just talking about kids who are younger than school age, because some of these kids range from 7 to 17. It's a Thursday night, what are they doing here? I know that there are a ton of colleges and high schools here, and some of these kids are local, but a large number of them aren't.

Did your folks take you out of school for a trip down to the beach? The only time I got to miss school for a vacation was when we took a trip to Europe over the Christmas break, and at that it was only a few days that I missed. Far be if from me to tell people how to raise their kids, because if I did, I'd start with a bunch of other things, but maybe pulling the kids away from their studies for a cheep beach get away isn't that great idea.


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