Sunday, March 02, 2008

Ten Weeks Till Oz

When I was a kid, I always felt like the 4 weeks between the Thanksgiving parade and Christmas were the longest days of the year. To make them pass more quickly, I often made one of those chains out of little strips of paper, tearing one off for each day that passed. These blog posts are my paper chain, and today we hit a big number.

Inky and I leave for Australia in 70 days, or 10 weeks. Think of how fast ten weeks can fly by in your life without you really even realizing it. Hell, we'll be at the month-to-go mark before you know it. I'm putting a lot of stock in this trip, so the lead up has been excruciatingly painful. Everyday tasks, like meetings and paperwork, seem like just one more hurdle to jump until I board that Qantas widebody and head south.

This weekend, Inky and I got a bit of a 10 week appetiser in advance of our trip. One of the couples we are friends with had a friend in town from Down Under, and we went out with them on Saturday for drinks. She is from Queensland, which we visited on the last trip but won't be going to this time around, and it was great to be able to talk with someone who knew what we were talking about.

See, none of our friends are interested in general Aussie culture, let alone more specific details like Inky and I are. It was nice to sit there and talk with her about Missy Higgins, Cat Empire, Aussie Rules vs Rugby League or even the Chaser's War on Everything. Hell, it was just nice to hear the accent, knowing that in 10 weeks we'd be submerged in all things Aussie. Sadly, with each twist of Ben Bernanke's pen the Aussie Dollar gets stronger and stronger against the greenback, and so rather then getting a A$100 room for $75 we'll have to pay $95 or so. Just one more reason to hate politicians and economists.
(the above photo is St. Paul's Cathedral in Melbourne. I felt like I was using too many Sydney pictures for these countdown posts.)

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