Sunday, March 30, 2008

Six Weeks Till Oz

I don't know what you're doing in six weeks, but I know that Inky and I will be winging our way over the Pacific toward the shores of the lucky land. Six weeks really isn't a long time, and Inky and I are doing everything we have to do each day, but our focus is 42 days away. I think about it like the last few weeks of senior year of high school, when you've already been accepted into college and all you have to do is avoid being arrested, manage to not knock anyone up and not colossally fuck up your grades causing you not to graduate. Come to think of it, senior year of college was much the same.

At any rate, we just need to keep punching the time clock, avoid debilitating injury and play out the string for six more weeks and well be looking down upon the Jamison valley (pictured above) in the Blue Mountains. The mountains are a two hour train ride west of Sydney, and are one of our first destinations once we are in country. Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick... the countdown continues.


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