Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Show Review: Missy Higgins at World Cafe' Live

As fate would have it, my work took me to the city that loves you back yesterday, and low and behold Missy Higgins was also there. Now, I've seen Missy Higgins in Philly, I've seen her in NYC and I've seen her in Atlantic City, but I couldn't pass up the chance to see her again. Even though that meant standing for the whole show, jostling for position with some of the "new fans" who were hipped to Missy by Grey's Anatomy and getting home after midnight. Missy Higgins is just that good.

She does an honest hardworking musician's set, and pours herself out into the mic. She's also impossibly upbeat while talking between songs, interacting with the crow and telling anecdotes about being an Aussie in the states, or where her songs came from. On this evening, it was her Bass player Dave's birthday so she gave him lipstick a hair band and made him strip his shirt of and wear a smoking jacket.

The set it self was a mix of tunes from her first album, which didn't make waves here, and her new Record "On a Clear Night" which was an '07 release in Oz but just came out stateside. She also sang a Cy Coleman song called "I'm in Love Again" that she has recorded for a tribute covers record which will come out early next year. As I mentioned, Missy seemed to be painfully aware that many in the crowd weren't there to hear "Scar" "Steer" or any of her other previously best known songs. Many of them wanted to hear "Where I Stood" which is her first US single, and which was made popular by TV placement on shows like Grey's. "If I become famous in America, I don't want it to be because of Grey's Anatomy" she joked, but I would have to think there was more than a bit of truth to that statement. Such is the life of a pro musician, you need exposure, but you don't want to be over exposed.

The set list was:

1. Secret
2. Katie
3. Angela
4. Dusty Road
5. Ten Days
6. Going North
7. This is How it Goes
8. Don't Ever
9. Forgive Me
10. The Sound of White
11. I'm In Love Again
12. Where I Stood
13. Warm Whispers
14. 100 Round The Bends
15. Peachy
16. Bad to the Bone (to celebrate Dave's Birthday)
17. Scar
18. Steer

Inky and I will be seeing Missy again in 3 days down in Baltimore and then who knows when she'll blow into town again.


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