Friday, March 07, 2008

Should I Go Halfsies on This With XL?

This ebay auction was brought to my attention today, and after calming myself down and wiping away the tears of laughter, I set about telling everyone I knew about it. The very idea of this record is funny to me, let alone what it must sound like. I have this thought in my mind of the cheesy 80's commercial advertising this record, where the announcer says: "Listen as your favorite wrestler/GI Joe star sings songs which are bound to become classics. There's "The Cobra Clutch" "Happy Birthday Miss Liberty" "Long Distance Love Affair" "The Hurt is Gone" and as an added bonus you get the Sarge's version of Neil Diamond's "America" and the dance remix of "The Cobra Clutch." It's just $19.99 plus $5 shipping and handling. Kids, ask your parents before you call."

The worst part is, both XL and I would probably have been saving our money to buy this record in 1985. But, should we drop $8 each to buy this record in 2008? XL has said that he will go halfsies, but I don't know if I can lay down 20 minutes worth of pay for this. My desire to hear these songs is strongly being challenged by my need to not buy more wretched crap. I went so far as to look for online versions of this record, but sadly, emusic and iTunes don't carry it. Luckily for us, if we miss out on the one I linked to above, we can always bid on this one even though it is more expensive.

What do you think?

XL has posted his take on the subject over on the crapper, take a look.



XL said...

I say buy buy buy!! How many chances do you get to own an item where only two are left? I mean these have to be the only two left in existence or possibly ever sold...I spend more on lunch most days so I think it's a worthwhile venture just to have more things to post about.

Grad School Reject said...

Remember when they made Sgt. Slaughter an Iraqi? That was fucked up. Good thing we still had the politically incorrect "camel clutch" from the Iron Sheik.

Greazy Tony said...

It's ironic you mention the camel clutch, because XL and I were just talking about that on email today. I'm glad to see we all have the same stupid things in our past.