Thursday, March 06, 2008

Heaven on an English Muffin

From time to time on this blog I like to draw attention to some of my favorite food. It can be things you can go out and get at a restaurant, but I much prefer to hip you to the stuff I whip up in my kitchen. So now in addition to my Old Man's sub, my meatballs, and Greazy Tony's famous boneless chicken wings you can make a Taylor ham sandwich.

First things first, what is taylor ham? Well, it goes by a it's product name pork roll, or by it's brand Taylor Ham which becomes bastardized in to taylor's ham from time to time. I guess it's made out of pork, but for all I know it could be made of ears, noses and assholes. What I do know is that it's tasty as hell. Back in the Garden State it is served mostly at breakfast, usually on an english muffin with eggs and/or cheese. I always called it a PEC, a pork roll, egg and cheese.

I, however, think pork roll is not just for breakfast anymore. So with Inky out of town I decided to make my favorite dinner sandwich. Here's what you'll need (see the photo above): One pack thin sliced Taylor brand pork roll (8 slices), one package english muffins, american cheese, tomato slices and ketchup. Start by cutting the pork roll from the center to the edge to allow it to stay flat during cooking. Toss the discs into a frying pan and flip once brown on one side. The finished product will look like Pac Man after a tremendous house fire, once out of the frying pan place them on a paper towel to remove the excess grease.

While you are frying the pork roll, toast up your english muffins and now you're ready for assembly. I like to put the slice of cheese between two pieces of pork roll, so the heat will melt it. Then I place that fused patty of meat and cheese on the toasted muffin, topping it off with a tomato slice and a dollop of ketchup. Words can't express how great this sandwich is. I beg you to go out to the store and lay in the appropriate supplies and make this for yourself. You wont be sorry that you did, I mean not right away, but after a decade of them you may need plavix.

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XL said...

How is it in 15 years of friendship I've never had one of these?? I think you just made it up last night because you were lonely. And by the way, we all love your meat balls....