Saturday, March 22, 2008


This little fella is Petrogale Xanthopus, or a Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby. Take a moment to appreciate just how amazingly cute he is, what with those yellow feet and ears, and the striped tail. Done? Great. This guy has fur that looks like a Pooh Skin Blanket, and loves to climb around on rocks and other terrain that most kangas and wallaby's would avoid. Fucking adorable!

Inky and I have been antipodean aficionados for years now, and we just came across the Yellow foot about a week ago. How could that be, that two people who read everything they can get their hands on, or watch everything they can find about one country can go this long without hearing about a great animal like this?

Australia is an amazing place, filled with surprises like the yellow foot, not to mention about a million other plants and animals that don't exist anywhere else. As of right now, we don't plan on going to the part of the country where the yellow foot lives in a spot where Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales all meet, but maybe we'll see one in a zoo.

We leave for Oz in 50 days and now things are starting to get serious. I'm starting to do some more checking into hotel/hostel options and I've booked cars in Melbourne and at Uluru. We've decided to go to the Blue Mountains while in Sydney and we're all booked for our first night at the Footy.

Now all that's left to do is pull pages off the calender each day, and pray that the ole Yankee dollar gets a bit stronger or that the Aussie buck takes a bit of a dive so we can get a more favorable exchange rate. Till then, I'm going to go find a pair of golden socks and start hopping up and down the stairs.


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