Thursday, March 13, 2008

Eight and a Half Weeks

You Didn't think I'd let more than a few days pass without mentioning the Oz '08 extravaganza did you? Well, Inky and now have less than two months until our trip, with today marking 59 days until we head south. Even for a guy who always has the antipodes on the brain, I've been thinking about Oz a lot over the last few days. I finally took the leap and signed up for Directv so I can watch Aussie Rules on TV rather than listening on Internet radio. Then I went and saw my favorite Aussie singer, Missy Higgins the other day, and over the last week I've been reading Jer, from's tails of his Sydney adventure.

Today is the 13th of March, and on the 13th of May Inky and I will be in Sydney, most likely on our way to the Blue Mountains. I love knowing that all that stands between us and the Lucky Land is 20 hours on a plane and two months. We planned this trip 10 months ago, booked it 4 months ago, and each day we get closer to it, I get more excited.


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