Monday, March 24, 2008

Bachelor Party?

Inky and I started dating when we were 20, and were married right after college. So, all of my notions about what being a man alone without her are informed by my late teen years, not by any true adult experiences. Moreover, I've never lived alone, coming close only once when I was doing my internship in Boston in 1997, and I spent 10 days of that time in my uncles house alone.

Even though I have precious little experience in the area, I can safely say I don't like living alone. Inky is going to be spending the next few weeks working for her family bid'nes and so I am left to my own devices. I've spent time away from the house while on business trips, but then I am out of my paradigm and take the backdrop change as a reinvigorating change. Faced with a week or two alone in my own home I quite frankly don't know how to proceed. I'll be cooking for one, eating alone, and challenged with remembering that there is no one around to hear my Witty remarks or finish my thoughts. When I answer Jeopardy questions right, I won't have anyone to be amazed with my massive intellect, -OK, so I didn't have that even when Inky was in the house- and perhaps worst of all, I'll be missing my ibi.

In Latin the phrase "ubi ibi" roughly translates to "where one is, there is the other." And for the last 12 years that's how Inky and I have been. So if you see me in the next few weeks and I don't seam quite right to you, understand that I'm a bit out of sorts and I'm new at this 'man alone in the house' thing.



Angry Inky said...

Awww, Baby. You're my ibi. Miss you already

XL said...


And here I thought I was your ibi after our torrid 14 year love affair...