Friday, February 01, 2008

Notes from the road: Chicago

First and foremost, when your boss gets to go to Florida and you have to go to Chicago, it makes you realize that you still have a few rungs to climb on that old corporate ladder. That said, who doesn't enjoy taking a trip you don't have to pay for. Every thing is on the company dime, and that can make for a less stressful approach to travel. When I get back to the land of green grass, I'll do a full run down of some of my experiences, including my tough but fair review of Chicago style pizza.

For now I'll leave you with a few quick hits: First, let me tell you how much it sucks to walk around a town with two sore ankles, thanks to some very slippery steps down to the Red Line. When I got back to the hotel Wednesday night I though about filling the ice bucket so I could ice them down. Luckily for me, I had a better option. On Tuesday night I got unpacked and decided to get bathing-suited up and take a dip in the spectacular rooftop pool that the hotel's web site advertised. So up I went and just before I jumped in, I decided to dip my foot in to check the temp. Maybe I was being overly cautious, or maybe I was alarmed by the lack of steam on the windows, but the water was ice cold. Trust me, after the last three days in Chicago, I know from ice cold.

The upside of the pool being roughly 33 degrees, was it gave me a great place to soak my painful feet yesterday afternoon. While I sat there with my feet in the icy drink, a janitor came in and was visibly shocked to see someone in there. Maybe it was his surprise that lead him to say the following, without thinking first: "You know that water is cold, the heater is broke." "Yup, just icing down my sore ankles" I responded. I don't know what kind retard I'd have to be to not know the water was cold, but I guess I look like one.

I had a lot more fun on my trip, both with my ankles and creative ways to treat them, and with some of the things I did in my down time. I'll be updating my posts with pictures when I get back, so keep it tuned to TGWOOfY!!! You'll be glad you did.


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