Friday, February 01, 2008

Live in Chitown: Midmajor Hoops.

It's been kind of quite around these parts over the last few days. Part of that is because there's not much going on in sports these days, part of that is because Inky and XL are fucking slackers. I'm on a business trip, and it falls to me to do some sports blogging. So here it is: I attended my first Horizon League game last night, or as I like to call it: Ho League game. I headed west to the UIC Pavilion on the campus of the University of Illinois-Chicago to watch the Flames take on the Vikings of Cleveland State. I chose this game because CSU recently toppled Ho League front runners, Butler, but I made the wrong choice.

First and foremost, the UIC Pavilion is what you get when you mate an NBA arena and a middle school's multi purpose room. You know the kind, where they can use it for lunch, a gym and auditorium. The huge blue curtain somewhat drowned out the excitement of hundreds of screaming fans, seemingly as many members of the dance team and cheer squad and the quaint pep band. The game itself featured a 29 point performance from Scott Mayo as he joined the 1000 point club at UIC.

The hosts used the scoring of Mayo and the towering nature Scott VanderMeer (you can't teach seven feet) to win 74 to 68. My other choice on Thursday night was the clash between Loyola and Youngstown state. As it turns out I picked the wrong Chicago vs Ohio game, as this game came down to a buzzer beating three pointer to win it 69 to 68 for Loyola. Damn! I wish I had caught that, but there's always next time.

***Note: This post originally appeared on the now defunct blog "Inky and the Sports Guys" and has been imported to TGWOOfY for continuity purposes.***

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