Monday, February 25, 2008

Katherin Heigl: Bombshell

With all the hubbub about Lindsay Lohan donning a blond wig and posing like Marilyn Monroe in the New Yorker it might seem like Hollywood is devoid of any real blond bombshells. Luckily we have Katherin Heigl. Did anyone see her rocking that red dress at the Oscars last night? She's a bloody knockout! What's better is that she has actual curves that are required to achieve "bombshell" status. Katherin could be a 50's era pin up in a heartbeat, and sure as hell can work a gown on a red carpet.

OK, she has to work on the nerves when asked to present at an awards show. And, sure, she's not the greatest actress in the world, but she's also not a total train wreck, which should be applauded in this day and age. I still think she should play Jenna Jamison in the "How to Make Love Like a Porn Star" movie, but that's just me.

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