Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Greazy's Retort

Apparently XL is not man enough to cop to his crime of knowingly and willfully injuring our friendship by watching the new Knight Rider. In this post he won’t just admit that what he did was wrong, and take his spanking (metaphorically speaking of course) so we can move on. So I am forced to respond to his response. Next thing you know we’ll be sitting in front of the House Select Committee talking about who was at what party and who said that headlights were bad. I’ll now address XL directly:

Concerning your countersuit:

A) You’re going to have to forget about throwing one back, as that will never happen again. You should, however, be thankful that you always have someone to drive, go to 5 Guys to get food and cook you boneless wings. Also, remember that I still act like a dumb ass fool, even though I no longer drink.

B) I have never watched, and will never watch Project Runway. That is a hurtful and salacious rumor.

C) I could stomach the American Idol, the Survivor, the Apprentice et al, but Knight Rider is just too much too soon. I mean, you need to give a brother a decade or two more to be ready for that kind of blow! Next thing you’re going to tell me is that you have the Dukes of Hazard movie on DVD.

C) Your claim that there isn’t anything good on due to the strike is flawed on it’s face. There may not be anything good on YOUR tv, but that is because your cheep ass doesn’t have pay channels which feature some of the best shows around. You’ve been missing out on the Wire which is probably the greatest show ever shown on TV... of all time, and it’s set in your home state.

I await XL’s response, and I still maintain that this can all be solved with a game of Garage Top Whiffel bal.


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XL said...

This argument is an example of the upper crust spitting on those of us that are not blessed with the gift of HBO and Showtime. Us blue collar workers have to watch what we have and that is the basis of this claim! An appropriate retort will be published at a later time.