Friday, February 15, 2008

All or nothing at all.

Inky and saw a story on the news last night that got me all riled up, so I figured I'd vent here on the blog. The story on the local ABC affiliate was about two gay couples who used Valentines Day as a chance to go to the courthouse and try and get a marriage license. Of course they were turned down, largely due to the rank and file among us. The hatemongers like the WBC (who in their most recent act of thoughtless depravity have thanked their god for the Northern Illinois shooter) are on the fringe and in the end all they do is pick the low hanging fruit to join their inbred ranks. They are a mosquito bite on the forearm of society.

The rank and file "christians" are the people I have a problem with. They are the people who (like Westboro Baptist Church) cite Leviticus chapter 18, verse 22 which they believe is rock solid truth that men and women can't have same sex relations. Never mind that in the preceding chapters of Leviticus it also basiclly says that you can't eat any living thing in the water that doesn't have fins or scales, (i.e. shrimp, crabs, clams, lobsters etc, see LEV 11:10-13) or else that is also and abomination. Abomination is, of course, the same word that 18:22 uses for "lying with a man." So there is a whole religion of people who are able to look at one part of a book of the bible and disregard it as they munch on fried shrimp, but get up in arms when a chick wants to munch box.

It is this tacit and sometimes active ignorance of one rule and blind acceptance that I have a problem with. All I ask now, it that any person who wants to claim to follow the bible begins to follow all of it. If you think fags and dikes are going to hell because they are an abomination then stop eating shell fish.

Moreover, if you think that the main reason for two people to get married is to produce a happy marriage in god's eyes, and ultimately children you need to start coming after me too. I married Inky on a golf course in front of the town's Mayor and with no intention of ever having children. So if you have problems with secular weddings between two men or two women, then you have to start drafting a law to say that Inky and I can not be married either.

All or nothing people. Either you believe the words you say and pray, or you don't. So either let gays get married, or go the whole nine and try and stop people like me who had no intention of getting married in the church. That's all I ask. Of course, we all know the people out to stop gay marriage would never take this step, because half of their kids get married in front of the J of the P when Joe Bob doesn't pull out in time while banging Brittney in the back of the '88 Olds.

Have a good weekend.


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