Tuesday, February 05, 2008

96 Day's to Go

I’ve been focused on travel a lot these days, what with my trip to Chicago, and my upcoming trip to Upstate New York (mmmmh, spiedes!) So I figured it was worth noting that In 96 days Inky and I will be making our way around the world, hanging a left at Hawaii, and finally landing in Sydney.

Some people have questioned why we are making a second trip to the land down under, as opposed to doing a tour of Europe, or exploring another far reaching part of the planet. That is a good question, but the answer is simple: we love Oz. It is a great and far reaching country filled with interesting and exciting people and exhilarating things to do. We are going to get a closer look at two cities we’ve seen before, Sydney and Melbourne, and we are going to spend some time seeing some sights for the first time, like Uluru and Tasmania. Of all the people who go to Oz, only about half see Uluru, and only 1 in 10 make it to Tazzy.

All that aside, it’s just over three months until Inky and I touch ground in the Lucky Land, and I can’t wait.

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