Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thicago ith bye kind obf town.

Holy fuck it's cold here. I landed at Midway last night before the snow came, but by the time I got off the L I was being pelted with flakes. Speaking of landing in Chicago: it was one of the first times I've ever lived one of my favorite songs, Stratford-On-Guy by Liz Phair. It goes something like "I was flying into Chicago at night, watching the lake turn the air into cool green smoke" and It all rang true as we "came out of the country and into the grid, the plan of the city was all that you saw." It was kind of coo. If you don't know the song, check it out.

I ate at the ESPN Zone last night (I know, that's not very exciting of me with all the great food around here, but I wanted something close and where I could watch sports... if you can call the Bulls sports these days.) Today, I've been out on work, but, I have seen some sights too. I got some great photos of the Sears Tower, The River and Millennium Park. I'll be adding pics when I get back home.

Tonight, when all my work is done, I'm going to have some famous Chicago style deep dish pizza at Giordano's on Jackson, just down the street from Sears Tower. I'm a pretty big pizza snob, what with being from Jersey and having worked in a pizza parlor from the time I was 13, and I normally only like Jersey/New York style pie. However, I live by the motto: when in Rome...



XL said...

Go on

XL said...

I hear that Chi-Town pizza is pretty thick and cheesy...hope your ass survives the flavor!!