Friday, January 18, 2008

Overexposed, Underexposed or Just Right?

I am not one of these people that thinks that overexposure to sexual images it a detriment to the libido of men at large. Some seem to think that the more a man sees half naked, model quality women, the less they will be interested in having sex with real live women. I find this argument preposterous if applied to the majority of men. Sure, there are a small handful of men who become so obsessed with porn that they can’t even hold a job, let alone a real woman’s hand, but there are also people who dress up as stuffed animals and then stuff one another. It’s dangerous to assume that because you run across one simple douche nozzle that doesn’t like your boobs because they aren’t big and fake like Jenna Jamison’s that all men are the same. A more complete exposure to the nuance of any experience, idea or event creates a more profound understanding of said experiences ideas or events.

Take eating for example: only in a society in which food is a given can high quality cuisine be enjoyed, or even regional delicacies for that matter. In a world where we know we are going to eat, we can worry about what it is we want to eat, and think about what it is like to try different things. See where I’m going here? In starving villages in Africa no one is sending their meal back because the rice is underdone. I feel the same way about sex, basically the more you know, have seen and thought about, so much the better. The problem, as always, is the persistent thought that you can force a square peg into a round hole.

Just because John Doe has a wang and Jane Doe has a vag doesn’t mean they can have good sex. Sex is like launching a nuclear warhead: you both have to be ready, willing and able to turn your key, or else you wont get the big “explosion” you are looking for. If you aren’t exactly blowing things up in your boudoir then perhaps someone is lacking some key turning expertise, knowledge or is suffering from a lack of how to turn the key just right. (this and many other similes available at Greazy Tony’s Simile and Metaphor Emporium, 409 E. Baltimore St. Baltimore MD 21202).

One look around your local adult bookstore will show that men and women like a lot of varied things when it comes to, well, coming. Sure there are the airbrushed, collagen and silicone laced glam productions, but there are many more basic or armature collections that feature regular looking people doing some regular or irregular stuff. What I’m trying to say can best be summarized thusly “There are many kinky rooms in my mistresses house.” As long as you trust the person you are with, I say tell ‘em what you’re thinking and see if they’re game to try it. Repression, either in your own mind or at the newsstand isn’t the answer. If you see something in a movie, mag or on TV and think "wow, I'd like to try that, but I don't want (insert significant other or random dude/chick at the bar's name here) to think I'm a freak" you are doing yourself a disservice, and may end up simply doing yourself.

Having said all that, I picked up a copy of American Curves Magazine (pictured above) last night at the gas station. This mag baffles me in some ways. It is like the softest soft-core you can find, with absolutely no nudity in it’s pages, but, it has no real content either. A mag, like say Maxim, sometimes features real stories, like profiling the atrocities of Saddam Hussein’s sons years before the mainstream media ran with the story. American Curves, however, has maybe 20 pages out of it’s 160 plus total devoted to the written word, and the rest are shots of really hot women in various states of undress. In many way's it would be the modern equivalent to tossing off to National Geographic or the lingerie section of the Sears Catalogue. The cover girl is Tera Patrick, who I happen to think is one of the sexiest looking women on the planet, but the rest of the layouts are a bunch of people I’ve never heard of before. I had never heard of this publication before, and frankly I think it’s pretty piss poor, but alas there it is. And based on what you believe it is either a detriment to men’s libidos, enhances them or perhaps is it just more flotsam and jetsam (no jokes about this word, please we are all adults here) in the everyday consciousness and does no good or harm.


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