Saturday, January 12, 2008

In Defense of American Gladiators

OK, sure, Hulk Hogan sucks ass and Laila Ali is not much better. But, with the writers on strike, there isn't a whole lot on TV these days. I'm not against reading, writing or leaving the house, so don't get me wrong, I'm no slave to the TV. I do find that Monday nights are especially good for vegging out at home, however, and so I've taken the chance to watch the first few episodes of the new American Gladiators. While it's no Wire or Six Feet Under, it's still a decent amount of mindless entertainment that has a bit of nostalgia for those of us who came of age in the late 80's and early 90's.

And to top it all off, they have the greatest referee in the world. In case you didn't recognize him, the fellow who barks "contestant ready? Gladiator ready?" is Al Kaplon (in the background in the picture above). Kaplon is a former American League Umpire who has quite a long resume of appearing in TV and Movies, most notably, the movie Dodgeball. As far as I'm concerned Kaplon is enough reason for me to give this show a shot, but then there is all the intangibles of AG 2.0. There is the unintentional hilarious nature of the back and forth between the contestants and the Gladiators. There are some hot female contestants in that really tight spandex. Plus, there's always the chance that you'll get to see someone get the ever loving shit rocked out of them on national TV, which still gets it done in my mind.

So give the new Gladiators a chance, and do your best to try and ignore Hogan and Ali. You'll be glad you did.

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XL said...

I'm with you Greazy, if you can manage to not look at Hogan flexing every time the camera is on him or get by Layla Ali's inability to read a cue card without looking like she is reading it the events are the same. Throw in the ref from Dodgeball and we've got ourselves a show. Should it be in prime but it would work well on Saturday afternoon!