Thursday, January 03, 2008

I Promise I'll Pull Out...April Fools!

If I were a betting man, I'd say either Kyle or Becky Armstrong have a birthday around the beginning of April, or it's their anniversary. If not that, then maybe Kyle has a strange sense of humor when it comes to April Fools jokes. My mom was a labor and delivery nurse, and she used to say that if there was a big snowstorm in DC they knew that they would be busy in nine months. Likewise, there are a lot of kids born in the middle of November thanks to some good ole Valentines day lovin'. If you were popped out nine months after Valentin's, your mom or dad's birthday, or their anniversary, chances are pretty good your old man came home with a box of chocolates and a tiny bag from Victoria's Secret and, well, you know.

Are you done vomiting? Good.

Back to Kyle and Becky. I was looking at the Sydney Morning Herald as I do most mornings when I stumbled across a story from my back yard. It seems that Kyle and Becky welcomed a new member of their family on January 1st, the first baby born in Gettysburg in 2008. The interesting thing about it is that they did the same thing last January 1st. How much are those little girls going to hate sharing a birthday for the rest of their lives? They are going to have to explain that they aren't twins for decades, but I digress.

Luckily for 1 year old Kaden Skye and newborn Faith Lynn they just barely missed being true Irish Twins: being born in the same calender year, or with in 365 days of each other. That is a distinction usually reserved for those who live in a trailer park, Catholics and Britney Spears. Instead they just have to settle for a life time of shared cake at parties, and that awkward year where Kaden will be able to strip, but Faith won't. If their parents pace is any indication, they should try to not be to fussy on April 1st, that way maybe they'll have a brother to share a birthday with.



Grad School Reject said...

This may be my favorite title yet.

Greazy Tony said...

XL and I both believe that the title is 90% of the effort.