Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Top 100 Songs of 2007: 100-71

I've seen a lot of other "top music" lists over the last few days, so I figured I'd go ahead and add mine to the pile. Rather than throw the whole thing out there at once, I like to break mine down over 4 days, listing 30 each day for the first three days and then giving the top 10 it's own list. To look at last year's list click the links for 100-71, 70-41, 40-11 or 10-1. The list this year breaks out like this: 48 songs from American acts, 29 Australian/Kiwi, 12 English, 6 Canadian, 3 Scottish and Swedish and 1 each from Brazil and Germany. There are 53 songs by female solo artists or groups, 44 by male voices and 3 male female duets. The list also includes 5 cover songs, which will be marked with an *. Enjoy the music hookers!

100) I won't disagree-Kate Voegele
99) Music-CSS
98)Sylvia-Cath Petocz
97)Love Like This-Natasha Beddingfield
96) Maggie's Farm-Stephen Malkmus*
95) Low Happening- Howling Bells
94) Into Action-Tim Armstrong
93) Dusty Road-Missy Higgins
92) La Costa Brava-Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
91) Pornographer's Dream-Suzanne Vega

90) Funnyman-KT Tunstall
89) 1234-Feist
88) Missed the Boat-Modest Mouse
87)The Pretender-Foo Fighters
86) The Search-Son Volt
85) Better Than-John Butler Trio
84) All of the Things-Butterfly Boucher
83) Waiting for the Sun-Chantal Kreviazuk
82) The Futurist-Something for Kate
81) Phantom Limb-The Shins

80) Bridge to Canada-The Noisettes
79) Blood Red Rose-Clare Bowditch*
78) Pull Shapes-The Pipettes
77) Say-Girl in a Coma
76) I Got the Way-Kate Miller-Heidke
75) Hallelujah-Paramore
74) Someone to Love-Fountains of Wayne
73) Kill! Kill! Kill!-The Pierces
72) The Underdog-Spoon
71) The Moneymaker-Rilo Kiley


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