Saturday, December 01, 2007

Thinking About Sick Days

I'm feeling a whole lot better this Saturday morning, but the past week was really a trial. I did next to nothing, but lay about and let my body fight what ever it was that was attacking me. I like to think of my body as a Naval Ship, and when I'm sick I often imagine the Captain on the bridge, in my brain, barking out orders to crew all over to fight the invading marauders.

If that sounds ridiculously childish, it is. I think I first started that thought process when I was a kid, either due to my Father's stories about the Navy or the Martin Short movie Innerspace. One of my other memories from the sick days of my youth was being able to spend the day at home with my mom. Sometimes it can be tough growing up with a Mother who's a nurse, but it also had it's definite advantages, namely putting your mind at ease. She had a way of making me feel like I'd pull through that vomiting spell, those chickenpox or my many bouts with strep throat.

The added bonus to her bedside manner, was the perks of a sick day, namely company and entertainment. I would get to lay on the couch while she watched Password, Wheel of Fortune (they used to air it in the daytime too) and the holy grail of game shows: The Price is Right. Mom would whip up some lunch, or run out and get my favorite meal in the world at the time: a fish sandwich from Micky Dee's.

Of course the only thing better than having someone take care of you when your sick, is getting to hangout at home when you are perfectly well. From time to time, I would approach my mom and tell her that I had a project due that day that I had not done. She would tell me to go wait in the basement until my father left for work. Then we would sit at the dining room table and finish the project, allowing time for a visit from Bob Barker and a good lunch. Those were the days!


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