Friday, December 14, 2007

TGWOOfY 101?

With two weeks left in the year, the time is nigh for me to release my TGWOOfY Top 25 records of 2007, and my TGWOOfY Top 100 songs of the year. I had a hard time narrowing the field down to both 25 records and 100 songs and in the squeeze this song didn't make the list, so I figured I'd spotlight it. Infidelity is an issue that is enough to scare just about anyone in a relationship in to doing something crazy and drastic. Allow me to introduce: Riskay with "Smell Yo Dick."

Nigger this the fifteenth motherfucking time that I called and left yo ass messages.
I done text yo bitch ass and you ain't responded or nothing.
What the fuck is you doin'?
Who the fuck is you out there wit?
You think I'm stupid?
My girls already done put me up on yo ass tonight nigger
When you come home,
I got news fo yo bitch ass

Why you comin' home Five in the mon'
Somethings goin' on
Can I smell yo dick.
Don't play me like a fool
Cause that ain't cool
So what you need to do is
Let me smell yo dick.
Why you comin' home
Five in the mo'nin
Somethings goin' on
Can I smell yo dick.
Don't play me like a fool
Cause that ain't cool
So what you need to do is
Let me smell yo dick.

It's four o'clock and I'm sleepin'
It's late night and you creepin'
You could've told me "I'm leavin'"
Now I know your out there cheatin'
Why you gotta do me like that?
When I call you don't call me back
I'm textin' you like 'nigger where you at'
That's fucked up. Why you do me like that?

I can't sleep and you trickin'
In the club with dirty foot bitches.
My girl was there and she witnessed
She had a camera phone and took pict'as
You was on the dance flo grindin'
With a stripper ho named Diamond
You was flowin' so hard you was shinin'
Everything she drank you buyin'.
But nigger you need to stop lyin'
Before I get mad and pull out my nine
You want a new bitch to fuck? Well that's fine
But don't fuck hers and try to fuck mine
You keep telling me that you ain't touch her
But something keeps telling me you done fucked her
And I ain't that bitch you wanna play wit
nigger drop them boxers and let me smell yo dick


Smell my dick? Wait a minute hold up
See that's how bitch and get her eyes swoll' up
And I don't give a damn what your homegirl seen
When I was in the club, what the fuck you mean?
They ain't got no biz'nes eyein' me like that
You ain't got no biz'nes tryin' me like that
I wasn't even feelin' Diamond like that
I was wi'lin but I wasn't clownin like that
That's alright, that's ok don't "nigger" me with what your homegirl say
A nigger like me drink a lot of liqua'
Meet a lot of bitches, take a lot of pitcha's
I might break bread, with one or two strippa's
But that don't mean you got to pull my zippa
Thinkin I sneak round the hole town
Even thought I got dick to go round



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