Friday, December 28, 2007

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha....

I'm a simple creature, and I take delight in simple things. While on my daily romp through the Internet I came across a great story to distract myself from the potential destabilization of a nuclear power in Pakistan. Distraction is all we have sometimes. Seems Barron Hilton, now doesn't have a problem with his father's money going to charity. When Conrad Hilton died in 1979 he tried to leave all that hotel money to charity, but Barron challenged the will and ended up with the loot. He parlayed it into nearly two and a half billion bucks, 97% of which he now says he will sink into his old man's foundation.

That means Paris and the legion of Conrad's offspring will get very little, proportionately. Conrad had 7 siblings and four kids, and 8 Grandkids by Barron alone. There were a whole lot of already rich folks that stood to get richer when Barron kicked, one of which of course was Paris Hilton, Great Granddaughter of Conrad, Granddaughter of Barron and daughter of Rick. Rick? What happened to famous people's name in the 50? It was like a hiccup in hoity-toity names that may have stemmed from the sobering effects of WWII, but I digress.

One has to imagine that Paris has just been biding her time till Granddad went to the great hotel in the sky. At which time she would be above the law like Ernie "Big Ern" McCracken before her. Now Paris will have to depend on the money her dad, Rick, leaves her which should be a paltry 100 mil or so by the time he bites it. That is unless he give all his dough to Conrad's foundation too? Intriguing.


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