Sunday, December 09, 2007

Bah Humbug

Inky touched on this a few weeks ago, and now I'm chiming in. Fuck Christmas! It's really hard to spend anytime with the general public and not end up feeling like all this time of year has become is a line item in the earnings statements of big companies. Inky and I met Mr. and Mrs. XL for dinner yesterday at a bastion of shopping down in Maryland. People were rushing about to lay claim on another piece of crap that was made for slave wages in China and will serve to prop up the salary of some retail outlet's CEO.

People tell me to look past this ridiculous exercise in consumerism, and focus on what Christmas is really about: Spending time with one's you love. Pardon me for being a dick, but I take the opportunity to see the ones I love whenever at all possible, I don't need Jesus' fake birthday to do that. Not to mention that no one really spends time with those they love at the Holiday's anyway. Most everyone is forced to spend at least some time with a group of people they can't stand be they in laws, family or coworkers. I hardly know a person who doesn't exhale in the first week of January and say "Damn, I need a vacation from the holidays."

This year I haven't been able to think of anything I want, and I'm pretty happy about that. I asked Inky for some gloves, and there's one DVD I was going to buy a few months ago, but I put off so I would have something to ask Inky's Mom for. Last year I struggled to think of something I wanted, and I never really used the shit I ended up asking for, so this year I just told everyone to leave me be.

All I really want is to get on that plane in May and go to Australia. If I'm being really greedy, what I would like the most is to get the fuck away from what our socity has become. I neerly got killed in the parking lot of Toys R Us today by some old dickwad who was in too much of a hurry to load his booty in the trunk of his Buick. He's lucky he didn't get his butthole pushed in, but I had somewhere to be. There isn't an ounce of Christmas spirit out there, and if you think there is, you haven't spent enough time with the general public. I'm fine with the fact that Christmas has become an excuse to spend money, but let's stop pretending it's something magic and special, because being fake and forcing it is way worse then the reality. Ho Ho Ho bitches.


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