Wednesday, December 12, 2007

150 Days to Go...

Today is Wednesday December 12th, exactly 150 days until Sunday May 11th. That is the day when Inky and I leave for Australia. To say that I'm obsessed with this trip is probably too strong a word, but only just. Every day I think about some facet of the trip, be it a new idea from an on line friend or something I've read about that I now have to see. The trip is always on my mind. Even though those 23 days in May are just 6.28% of our year, they are star of 2008 for me.

Sydney, Tasmania, Melbourne, Uluru and back to Sydney. That's the plan, and I keep running the possibilities over in my head. Will we drive along the Ocean Road for one long day or 2, will we hike for 2 days in Tazzy or for 3. When I first see Uluru will it give me the same feeling as when we crossed Alfred St and saw the Opera House for the first time? What will it be like to watch the Cat's live at the MCG rather then listening to them on radio in the middle of the night? They're all great questions but I know that the best parts of the trip are the things I don't know about yet, and that we've yet to discover.

Five months seems like a really long time right now, and trust me it is. But, the way life is these days with so much to do and so little enjoyment gleaned from work, it's what I'm living for. And really for me, it's right around the corner!


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