Saturday, November 24, 2007

There's a Change a Comin'

First it was the US House and Senate. Then it was Tony Blair, and now it's John Howard. Next to go: W and his Dick. Kevin Rudd and his Labor Party toppled the Howard Government in today's elections in Australia meaning another of Bush's allies has lost his job. Howard may have lost his seat all together, meaning that not only will he not be Prime Minister any longer, but he may not even be in the government. This would be the first time a sitting PM has lost his seat in almost 100 years.

This is not so much an outright win for Labor as it is a loss for Howard's Liberal Party (read: conservative, as apparently the word liberal is reversed in the southern hemisphere) Howard was seen as Bush's lap dog and the people of Australia were sick of it. There's only so long we, the common people, will let you push us around.


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