Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pie Hole

Inky loves the new show "Pushing Daisy's" and since the protagonist on that show is a pie maker, pie has been our minds of late. To that end we went out and bought a cherry pie a few weeks back, but the time is neigh for the one, true pie. Pumpkin. I picked one up a the grocery store a while back and it wasn't good. It lacked taste, most notable that spicy zing my mother's version of pumpkin pie has.

So while at the store yesterday I picked up all the stuff we needed to make our own pies. I handled the dry ingredients while Inky worked the wet ones. We ended up with two beautiful pies, but more importantly two very tasty pies. We make a great team, even though I'll end up having to handle more of the pie eating duties.

This is just like when I got on a salsa making kick a few years back; it really does taste better when you make it at home. It's not like I went out and picked a pumpkin or anything, we used canned pumpkin, but it still has all the familiar signs of homemade, and that makes all the difference.


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XL said...

I bet you let Inky handle the wet ingredients you dirty dirty man...I know your favorite kind of pie and it ain't pumpkin!