Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Leavin' On a Jet Plane

Inky and I have been close to pulling the trigger for weeks, but we had to wait till we were 100% sure of our itinerary. I had to find out the NRL and AFL schedules and we had to decide on how many days to spend in each city. That's all done now, and we have booked our trip to Australia. In 173 days we will be boarding a Qantas wide body Jet and heading over the Pacific. Our first stop will be Sydney, but only for a few days. Then it's on to a long weekend of hiking in Tasmania (and perhaps a Footy match too). From Tazzy we'll fly to Melbourne for a week of further exploring our favorite city in the world. We hope to catch a few live music shows, eat some great grub and spend and evening or two at a pub making freinds.

I am also beside myself with excitement to see a Friday Night Footy game at the MCG between the Geelong Cats and their rival Collingwood Magpies. We're also going on jaunts along the Great Ocean Road and through Western Victoria. Following Melbourne we will go to the Northern Territory to see gigantic orange monolith Uluru, which you may know as Ayers Rock. Finlay, it's back to beautiful Sydney to wrap up our trip and to set me up for the worlds longest birthday.

We'll fly home on my 32nd, leaving Sydney at 1:00 in the afternoon, and then landing in L.A. at 9:45 AM...earlier in the day on my birthday. Thanks to timezones, the International Date Line and flying from West to East I will have a 41 hour birthday from the time it strikes midnight in Sydney till the time it strikes midnight in L.A. Of course the best present in the world isn't a nearly two day long birthday, it's the very fact that when I open my eyes that day it will be the Sydney skyline I will be seeing.

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