Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Just Plain Lazy

Back in my day we had to open our own doors! As I've said a number of times on my blog, working on a college campus can make you feel very old. One way that happens is my almost daily "damn kids today" observations. This one has been simmering for a while now, and to be fair isn't confined to only college kids.

I can't stand the people who hit the handicap button rather than open the door themselves. When I worked for a big Fortune 500 company in Baltimore a few years back, we also had a ton of people who would open the door via the handicap button rather than pull or push on the handle. Some even went as far as pushing the button with their elbow, or with the back of their hand; one would imagine to avoid germs.

Then there are the people who will walk out of their way at Target to use the auto opening door, rather than the manual one. If you calculate the amount of energy it takes to walk that 10 extra feet, I'll bet it's more than reaching out your arm and pulling on a handle. And, it's not like huge Church Cathedral doors we're talking about here, these doors are designed to be sturdy yet light. People are just too fucking lazy!

If the kids on this campus are any indication, the future is no brighter when it comes to lazy-ass Americans. They can sit and type out short story sized text messages to one another, but they can't be bothered to open a god damned door.

That is all.


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