Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Greazy Law #2

I know this is going to sound harsh, and I'm ok with that. As a person who drives a lot for work, I'm fed up with a certain type of driver. And so it is that I must enact a Greazy Law to call for the immediate murder of any person who drives at or below the speed limit in the left lane, and then speeds up when I try to pass them on the right. They should be pulled from their cars, buried up to their necks and run over with an industrial sized lawn mower.

I'm not the type of dickhole that flies up behind someone in the left lane, and I never flash my lights at people. But, if I'm behind you and you're going slow, I do expect that you get over and let me pass. (The whole "slower traffic keep right thing you know) After about a mile of waiting for someone to get over, I will eventually take matters into my own hands and get in the right lane to pass them. This always seems to be the moment that the douche nozzle in front of me seems to find the accelerator. What the fuck? Fuck those people. Greazy has spoken!


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