Friday, November 16, 2007

Cards On the Table.

First and foremost let me say that I don't have any problem with women expressing their sexuality. This is still America and as long as we are fighting Islamo-fascists who cover their women with a birka, the only way to win is to let women show a little leg in public. Notice I said 'a little' as in a mini skirt, not a belt. That Kyla Ebbert bitch is back in the news again. You remember Kyla, the Hooters waitress who was on a Southwest flight to Arizona and was rebuked for dressing in a manner not fitting with Southwest's "family values." She was on her way to Arizona for one day only to go to a doctors appointment (Boob job, Anyone?) and didn't have any clothes to change into.

She then proceeded to go on a pormotional storm, including Dr. Phil and the Today Show, where she flashed her little white thong to God, Matt Lauer and the world. On Dr. Phil she first took, and then turned down free-fly vouchers from Southwest, one would imagine due to her Lawyers intervention during the commercial break. In short, she waged a one woman fight... to get attention for herself.

Kyla succeed in getting attention, and after she faded into the ether, she had her people get hold of Hef's people. Now she is in the newest edition of Playboy featured in a spread called "Legs in the Air." There's no mincing words with that title is there? No doubt Kyla sees that as a way to launch a career in the pubic bad, public eye. Maybe she can be Paris Hilton's snatch double, or get work in the Ann Coulter made for TV movie. In the end, Kyla gets what she wants, and some 14 year old boy will get to shoot a ropey jet of jism all over her photos. That's what I call synergy! God bless the USA!


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