Monday, October 15, 2007

Where I Want to Be

I don't know what you did at work today, but I went through "Active Shooter" education. Such is the state of the world today, that on college campuses across the country the Faculty and Staff are learning what the school will do if, and when, a disgruntled little fuck walks on to campus and starts shooting. For our parents it was 'duck and cover' if the Red's started WWIII, for us it's lock the door and don't open it if someone outside pleads for help, because it may be a ruse by the shooter. Duck and cover vs "the good of the many must outweigh the good of the few."



I want to go to this island; just me and Inky. Fuck the rest of you people. This world has gone to hell folks, and I just about sick of it. If we aren't going to get rid of all the guns, start locking up people who hurt other people and stop coddling the rich, I want no part of the rest of mankind. Politics makes me sick, what passes for fame makes me sick, the Redskins make me sick and most importantly blatant ignorance that passes for patriotism makes me sad and sick.

So, I'm going to start making a raft and Inky and I are going to take a bunch of books, an axe, suntan oil and lot and lots of lube and head to a deserted Island where we can be free of all the bat-shit crazy people out there.


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Jer said...

Best ensure that it's spermicidal lube, otherwise you'll be back in the same boat in 50 years or so.