Saturday, October 06, 2007

Where do all the famous people come from?

I went to two different High Schools, one was in Princeton NJ and the other was in the town I grew up in, Metuchen. Metuchen is less then 30 miles from New York City, and all the opportunity that comes with it. But, some how none of the people I went to school with became famous. We've had a few famous people come from MHS: David Kotkin (Copperfield), Jim Fielding (track star) and Epstein from "Welcome Back, Kotter." That's it, that's the list.

Mama Greazy also went to a school just outside a major US city, and somehow she wound up with a star-studded list of classmates. My mom shared the halls of Montgomery Blair High School with: Ben Stein, Carl Bernstein, Goldie Hawn, Connie Chung, Sly Stallone, and Sonny Jackson. By all rights I should be able to sell my mother's copy of the yearbook on ebay. She has great storeys about all of the kids who went on to be famous. We all have parts of ourselves that never change, but there are also things we wish we could have left in high school, that are kept alive in the memories of those who were around us.

I don't know where all the future-famous people in my class went wrong, but I know that I didn't do my part and become famous. I guess it's no real failing on any of our parts though. When I was in High School there were 250 million people in the country, and the odds of becoming famous were stacked against us. Back when my mom was in high school there were only a few thousand people in the country and we were still fighting with the Indians, so more people per school were bound to become famous.


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