Tuesday, October 02, 2007

They're Back!

As I was driving to campus for my freshman year of college I saw a really funny billboard. It was black and in big orange letters it said "Free O.J." in huge letters. The smaller writing under the Free O.J. said "with purchase of a dozen doughnuts. It was 1994 and the first O.J. trial was going on, which made for a great opportunity for Maple Doughnuts, a local institution. We don't do Dunkin or Krispy here in Central Pennsylvania because we have Maple.

Now the billboards are back saying "Free O.J. Again!" Genius! Plus their doughnuts are really and truly better than dunkin or K.K. and if you don't believe me you can drive down here and enjoy some yourself. On the way you may see a funny billboard.


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