Friday, October 19, 2007

South Sydney Story.

If all goes to plan, Inky and I will be heading back to Australia in around 28 weeks. On this trip we'll be hitting Tasmania, Uluru, Melbourne and Sydney. While we're there we hope (let me rephrase: I hope) to see a few games. I want to see a Footy match at the MCG in Melbourne and I would love to see one at Skilled Stadium in Geelong, but we'll have to see what's on the schedule when it comes out.

I hadn't given much thought to seeing a Rugby match in Sydney until we started watching "South Sydney Story" on Versus. It is a mini-series about Actor Russell Crow purchasing the South Sydney Football Club and trying to turn it around. Crow grew up a Souths fan, and once he became rich, the club would often come to him for money when they were in trouble, so he decided that he wanted a shot to buy the club. Pro sports in Australia are a passion, but they are done a bit different then here in the US. Most teams are "clubs" who are owned by their membership, and have appointed leaders to do the day to day operation. Few are privately owned so Crow's purchase was a bit out of the ordinary.

The Series follows Crow and his business partner Peter Holmes a Court as they try to turn around a once proud team, that has fallen on hard times. It would be like Tom Hanks and Bill Gates buying the Cincinnati Reds and changing everything. In the end, it's good TV, so tune it to Versus on Thursdays at 10:30, or get caught up this weekend when they air a Marathon.


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