Saturday, October 13, 2007

It Just Doesn't Happen!

Inky and I were watching a TV show on Showtime the other day when it happened again. An actress who doesn't want to do nudity did a sex scene. This act of ridiculousness has been going on for years in movies, but was absent from TV till the advent of shows on HBO and Showtime. Of course actress in broadcast Dramas and Soap Operas have been pulling the "bra on sex" maneuver for years, as if it is perfectly normal for a man to let that happen.

I'm not a total pig, by the way. I do understand that there are, from time to time, reasons why a woman may want to leave her bra on during sex. But, they don't really translate well to an on scene sex act. It always goes the same way: He slams her against the wall, maybe slips her panties off while leaving her skirt on. Then she tears his shirt off and undoes his pants while they kiss. She pulls her shirt over her head just as he picks her up (skirt still on) and carries he to the bed. There's a dissolve to a shot of her riding him cowgirl, with her bra still on.

Bull Shit!

I could see if it was some kind of lingerie, but it's always just a plain bra. That just doesn't happen, and Hollywood needs to get it's head out of it's ass. These actresses need to stop doing sex scenes if they aren't going to do them right. And just to prove that I'm not a sexist, I also believe that men should have to do a bare ass scene, at least, in any scene where a woman shows her breasts.

I'm Greazy Tony and I approved this message.


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