Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I'm Sure They'll Be Canceled, but...

Last year it was Studio 60 and they year before it was Threshold and I'm sure this year it will be Journeyman. Every year I get hooked on a few TV shows that end up getting canceled, which is why I normally cast a wide net when considering new shows to watch this time of year. Journeyman first caught my eye because I loved it's star Kevin McKidd in Rome. Then I heard that it had a Scifi bent to it and I was more interested.

I love the way the show is set up, and although it gets a lot of Quantum Leap comparisons it isn't the same. Sure there's some benevolent force that sends Dan back in time 'to set right what once went wrong, but this has a whole different subplot. Dan's guide isn't some old guy in future clothes with a remote control that is supposed to be a computer. Dan is met in the past by his former fiance who he thought was dead, but is apparently also on a trip through time. So he is confronted with the women he used to love, and has to balance that with the way he feels about the woman he now loves, who just happens to be the only person who knows what happens to him. (I like that they did this, because it gets rid of the 'where were you' storyline when it comes to the wife, but also adds the stress of how she deals with it.)

The acting has been really fantastic, and the writing has been amazing. Just what you'd expect from a smart scifi drama these days. All that said, I don't think it'll make it past Thanksgiving. I don't know why people can go ape shit for Lost and Heros but let a great show like this slip by unnoticed. The same is true for what ever comes on after How I Met Your Mother. Last year it was The Class and this year it's Big Bang Theory and I'm sure they will both suffer the same fate. I don't know why more viewers don't stay tuned in for Big Bang once they are done with Your Mother. They may have different types of comedy, but they are both undeniably funny. Oh well, at least I still have The Office and Dexter. The other shows I like are all candidates to be chopped too: Californication, Dirty Sexy Money and Numb3rs.


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