Wednesday, October 17, 2007

He's Got My Vote

The race for President of the United States has become a joke... so why not elect a comedian? You can't believe a word any of the people running says, and I doubt one of them would ever undertake the office with the nation's best interests first and foremost in their minds. So why not a camera whore who is always putting on an act. Stepehn Cobert is not who he goes on the air as every night, but it is his over the top, parody that is running for President. If Tony Snow can work at the White House after working for Fox News, why cant Colbert run the place?

Would we be any worse off then we are now? No! We've had a blithering idiot who cant for a proper sentence for the last 7 years, so why not bring in a guy who knows how to give a speech. So people of South Carolina, get out and vote! Vote twice, and remember that no matter how much you wish it wasn't true all of your votes count fully, not three fifths.


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