Monday, October 22, 2007

Dumbledore Smokes Pole

Look at this dude, is there any doubt that he's gay? He could be the old man from "Family Guy" who is in love with Chris. I'm sure that the fact that J.K Rowling has told the world that Dumbledore is gay will once again stir up a group of people to say that the books shouldn't be read by kids. It was bad enough that the bible thumpers thought that Harry Potter was anti christian because he's a wizard, then he nuded up in Equus and all hell broke loose.

It's just a shame that J.K. didn't include Dumbledore's lifestyle as a subplot in one of the books. It might have been an opportunity for her to get the idea that being gay is ok across to a few close minded kids. Plus, it would have made for a great scene when Harry finds out that ole Dumbledore was using a spell to watch him in the shower!


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