Sunday, September 23, 2007

Yarra T. Cat

As Inky pointed out on her blog the other day, we've had some additions to the family. First, on Thursday, I brought her home a surprise in the form of a new Ipod classic 80 gig. She named the Ipod Fudge and has set about learning all of his cool features. I have taken over ownership of Otis, our 3 year old 4th gen 40 gig Ipod. All parties are happy with the situation and very much at ease.

The same can't be said for our other acquisition. A friend of our's found a kitten outside of her house and after a week of circulating a flyer with her picture, she came to live with us. We have never owned a pet. Not a one. Not even a fish. So it's been strange for us. Yarra (named after the river that runs through our favorite city in the world) is easy to love. She kind of looks like a koala bear, with her short grey fur, with white spots, and she is very playful as kittens are so want to be. She is litter trained, and aside from some eye and nose itching on my part we've had no real problems with her.

Inky and I have spent a few hours just watching her play. She stalks the little feather and bell on a string toy that we have for her, just like a jungle cat. She gets low to the grounds and is perfectly still, all except for her tail which curls back and forth like a snake. Then she crawls forward, often hiding behind the table or the couch, before pouncing on her prey.


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