Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Who Said There's Nothing Good on TV?

Last night while Inky and I were watching LA Ink I had a few realizations. #1, I just don't know if I can be into any girl who is that into Steve-O. Kat Von D may be falling off my list any day now. #2, Holy shit Pixie Acia is hot! Even Inky said so, this girl is just smokin'. I'm no fan of fake tits or a split tongue (both of which Pixie has) but there is no denying that this girl is a modern day beauty. She may just be the one to take Kat's spot on the list. Of course there is always competition, and with Inky and I in the very early stages of planing a trip to Oz in '08 I've started to think about adding an Aussie to the list again. I haven't had one since Lauren Jackson and Nicole Kidman both dropped off.

That ties in to the #3 thing I realized while watching TV last night. There are a ton of new TV shows starting this fall. You can't watch a sporting event with out being hit over the head with all the new shows each network will be bringing us this year. Most of them look like absolute crap, but one caught my attention for all the wrong reasons. "Chuck" is a new NBC show about a guy who works for a Geek Squad type computer repair service who somehow gets mixed up with an ass kicking bombshell of a secret agent. Unlike Alias, this is a comedy, but like Jen Garner she is stone cold hot. Yvonne Strzechowski (or Strahovski if you look at NBC's website) is an relatively unknown Australian actress who somehow wound up with a shot to make it big. If the show is a success she could find herself with more offers than she knows what to do with.

I don't know if the show is going to be any good or not, but I'll give it a shot. I didn't think I would like "How I Met Your Mother" and that turned out pretty well. With so many shows on that I already like, I don't know how many new shows I will add to my docket this year. One sure way to get me to give a show a chance is to cast people I've liked in other things (NPH's role in Harold and Kumar was the reason I tuned in to How I Met...) or give me a young hot Aussie as a second option. See... I'm simple. I'll leave you with one last shot of Pixie:


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