Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What the Fuck Are We Doing Here?

Forgetting the fact that Inky and I aren't exactly 'go getters' who are all about chasing the yankee dollar, I often wonder why we don't live in a big city. I look around York Pennsylvania and see people with the Rebel Flag who probably couldn't name two generals of the confederate army and almost certainly couldn't spell confederate. We are people who are proud of our education, and don't shy away from using a vocabulary word from time to time... and for the record that does make me better than you Billy Bob. The quest for knowledge is the human imperative, not finger banging your daughter to a Toby Keith song.

The ultimate manifestation of the redneck ethos here in York is the York County Fair held at this time each September. I have lived in York for 12 Septembers ('94-'99 and '02-'07) and I have been to the fair exactly once, and that was just for an eclair the size of my forearm. But all you need to know about the York Fair is encapsulated in this story and the picture above. "Man impaled on fence at York Fair." No word yet on why he was going over the fence but I've got $5 says he was trying to sneak in.

By the way this was the headline just below the fence one on the York Daily Record website was "Hung Jury in sexual-assault case." I don't see what the penis size of the jury members has to do with the case... Ah York.


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