Thursday, September 13, 2007

Unfair Practices

I did a post last night about this asshat who managed to impale himself on a fence at the York Fair. Turns out this genius was heading to the Fair to see the Bad Boys of Rock show (Buckchery, Hinder and Papa Roach) and the best part is: HE HAD A TICKET! He wasn't even sneaking in or anything, he and his friends just thought it would be a good idea to scale the 12 foot tall wrought iron fence. Fucking kids.

Speaking of fucking children, we also needed Chris Hanson to show up at the York Fair. It seams a woman in a pink dress was passing out business cards to young women in the bathroom to try and recruit them to work at a strip club. This kids were 10 and 11. Now I know they start 'em young these days but damn! Pink dress woman remains at large, and I would imagine that she's not in the county since we don't have any real strip clubs in York County. Believe me: I've looked for them.


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