Wednesday, September 19, 2007

To Go Boldly Where No Ballet Dancer Has Gone Before

First thing's first, it always bothered me that the intro to Star Trek had a split infinitive in it. But, I digress. I love Star Trek, but not in that 'argue over what is cannon and what isn't' kind of way. The Next Generation was the first show that my old man and I regularly watched together, and so it was special to me. He loved the original series and took us to see all the movies, although neither of us would qualify as "sci-fi" fans. I think he watched Dr. Who, and I like various items from the genre but for me it was always about Trek. I like it more than Star Wars, which I know to some people is like saying that oral is better than intercourse. Sure, they're both good but the general consensus is that boning is better than knob bobbing.

Back to Trek. Over the last few months word has been coming out about who is joining the cast of J.J. Abrams' new Star Trek movie, which will be the 11th overall. The big one was Zachary Quinto who was cast as Spock, and who is a dead ringer. Then there was Anton Yelchin as Chekov, and word that Spock himself, Lenord Nimoy would have a cameo. But not J.J. Abrams has picked his Uhura: Zoe Saldana. The only thing I've ever seen young Zoe in is "Center Stage" and "Crossroads" (don't judge me fuckers) because they are unintentionally funny movies. I guess she was OK in them, but it was hard to take any one's acting seriously when I was so busy laughing. In the end, I think she will work as Uhura, but we all know the fate of this movie rests in who is picked to play Kirk.


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