Thursday, September 27, 2007

No Longer Keepin It Real

I was a member of the MTV generation, and in the target age group when The Real World first aird. I was 16, and while I was still a few years from dealing with the issues that Kevin, Eric, Norman, Andre, Eric, Heather, Julie and Becky dealt with I was interested in what was going on. Was it real? No, not really, since anything filmed and contrived by producers will always be a bit false. But, it was pretty damn honest, and in many ways Representative of who was watching. There were two black people, a gay man, the virginal southern girl and they all had to deal with each other while they lived their lives.

Over the years MTV often went back to the well, ensuring that there was an angry black guy, a gay person and a person who hated gay people (sometimes the angry black guy too) and they would sprinkle some sex appeal in to try and get a few of the cast members to fuck one another. They've done away with all the other stuff not and it just seams that all they want is for one of them to fuck another. Thanks Las Vegas cast.

I haven't watched the show in years, probably since I was in college, which is just how it should be. But, with Inky laid up with the broken leg she's been subjected to a lot of TV she wouldn't normally watch. (To be fair to her, she's also going through books like some sort of robot too.) The other day she told me that there were no gay people on this year's show and even more amazing... no Black people either. They have Parisa who is a Muslim of Iranian decent, and they have Shauvon who's last name is Torres but looks less Latin than I do.

This cast is made up of the least Representative sample of young America than any that went before it, and that fact is compounded that it is just the second cast to 'start getting real' outside the US. Our ambassadors to the city of Sydney are a few red necks, a few mussel bound jocks, some big titted blonde bimbos, and a few bible thumpers who some how manage to also drink like fish and be slutty. I guess I could be wrong, that could be real these days.


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