Saturday, September 15, 2007

Food You'd Drive For

What food would you take a detour for, and I'm not just talking getting off the Highway and driving a mile from the exit. I'm talking about building in an extra two hours into your business meeting schedule so you can partake of foods you love. I've driven to Lancaster and back to York for no other reason but to eat at Capriotti's. XL and I drove all over Up State NY to eat just about anything and everything. That's just adding a certain eatery to your itinerary. No, what I'm talking about is going WAY out of your way.

For me the list is pretty short. When I'm in New Jersey, like I will be for work on Monday and Tuesday, I have to go to my old home town and have a few slices of pizza and a cannoli. When I'm in the Delaware Valley as I will also be on those days as well I have to have Yocco's.

So that's it, I'm off to celebrate Inky's birthday with her family, and then I'm going to eat some good food, oh yeah, and do some work.


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