Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Easy come, easy go.

A lot of people that know Inky and I were shocked to hear that we had taken a cat into our home. We were kind of surprised ourselves, but alas we opened our home, and our harts to Yarra. We enjoyed all of the great things about having her, watching her play, laughing at the silly stuff she did, and acting as a bed for her to nap on. But, we were also a bit surprised how differently we had to go about our lives with her around.

So it was bittersweet when her owners called to claim her on Sunday night. They had been out of town, and when the person they asked to get their mail went into the house the cat got out. Our Friend found her and brought her to us for a few great days, my allergies aside. It's nice to know that she's home, with people who will take care of her.


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