Monday, September 10, 2007

Don't Call it a Comeback

With Inky still laid up with her broken leg we called off our normal Sunday of salsa dancing and stayed in to watch TV last night. We flipped from football to Rock of Love and some other junk, but at 11:17 we went right to MTV to see the rebroadcast of the VMA's. Britney Spears opened the show with her 'comeback' performance of her new song "Gimme More." Holy Fuck! How do you forget how to fake sing? She obviously didn't even know the words to her song, let along any of the steps to the dance. This record may sell less than Paris Hilton's did.

And I know what you're thinking: "No one cares about the VMA's anymore Greazy." Wrong! Apparently Kanye West does. You can add MTV to the list of people that Kanye thinks don't like black people. He was upset that out of 5 nominations, he didn't win a single Moon Man. "That's two years in a row man. Give a black man a chance." Oh well, it looked like P douchie was having a good time so I guess MTV just has a problem with you Kanye.

Even though Inky and I only watched Britney's "performance" there was a lot more going on at the VMA's. Sara Silverman once again caused a dust up (she slapped Paris down during the MTV Movie Awards). After Britney finished Silverman said "Wasn't that incredible? Britney Spears, everyone. Wow. She is amazing. She is 25-years-old and she’s already accomplished everything she’s going to accomplish in her life. It’s mind blowing " before making a joke at her kid's expense. Then Tommy Lee and Kid Rock got into a fight that was probably about who got all crudded up by Pam first.

Remember when they used to show videos? That was great, now: Not so much.


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