Sunday, September 30, 2007

'All I Can Eat' Not Quite What it Used To Be

I'm spending the weekend at XL's house, while Inky is at her mom's. We find that a weekend away from one another every once and a while is good for the marriage. It keeps up sane, and keeps her from suffocating me in my sleep. So I packed a bag and headed down to the Eastern Shore, where XL grew up and where Inky and I once lived. XL and I stayed up very late on Friday night to watch the AFL Grand Final, which was the first game of Footy that XL ever saw.

Saturday we went to lunch and watched TV and Movies during the day. That night we went to the Old Mill Crab House in Delmar Delaware. We were there so I could pay up on a bet we made over our fantasy football clash a few weeks ago. My wretched team lost, and so I had to treat XL to crabs. The crab dinner at Old Mill comes with all you can eat fried shrimp, clam strips, fried chicken, hush puppies and corn on the cob. After they let you get started on all this they bring out the crabs. XL is from these parts, so he can pick a crab much faster then I can, but we both did our fair share of eatin' before the night was through.

What took me off guard it that I no longer seam able to make these 'all you can eat' situations work for me. Time was, I could eat enough to make it feel like I had gotten over on the restaurant owner. Now, I lose steam and probably just break even in the realm of all you can eat economics. You might call it a gastronomic recession of sorts. I get less value our of my food dollar then I once did. I guess the important thing is that the food was awesome, even if I wasn't able to eat as much of it as I would have liked, and XL and I had a gay ole time.


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