Monday, August 13, 2007

Show Review: Crowded House

Inky and I braved the cold to see the boys of Crowded House play once again in the city of brotherly love. On an evening when we thought we were going to be melting, it turned out to be a fall like night, filled with the sounds of our youth. Once Neil, Nick, Mark and Matt took the stage the cold didn't seam to bother us anymore. Maybe it was because we were jumping to the songs we love so much, or perhaps we were too busy laughing at all the douchebags around us.

First and foremost, the show was amazing. You can buy a copy of it here and hear for your self. There were only a few songs that they didn't play that we had hoped to hear, like Sister Madly. But, when you've been around as long as CH has been you can't do them all. They played from 9:45 till just past 11:30, and gave us 20 songs during that time. The set list contained all the favorites:

1. Locked Out
2. World Where You Live/Money's No Object
3. Heaven That I'm Making
4. She Called Up
5. Recurring Dream
6. Fall at Your Feet
7. Don't Stop Now
8. Pour le Monde
9. Don't Dream It's Over
10. Silent House
11. When You Come
12. The Carnival Is Over (The Seekers)
13. You Are the One to Make Me Cry
14. Distant Sun
15. Something So Strong
16. Pineapple Head
17. Throw Your Arms Around Me
18. Weather With You
19. Mean to Me
20. Better Be Home Soon

In addition to the band's fantastic musical performance, we were also treated to a few classic Neil and Nick back and forths between songs. They have the natural rapport that you can only gain by being friends for years, and being in a band that never split up over petty squabbles. They still play like they love it, and that makes their performance so genuine that it cant help but be amazing. It didn't matter if they were playing a song I've known since I was 10 or one off their great new record, they all just felt perfect.

The crowd was a different story however. Inky and I have been witness to many a strange act in public but this one took the cake. There were, as was to be expected, a lot of older people in the audience. One could imagine that many of them first got into CH back in the 80's as 20 somethings, and now are in their late 40's. Their pathetic, not because they are old, but because they are trying to act like they are 25 again. Like the gray haired fat guy in the sued jacket and the chinos who was grooving like a pole dancer. Or the two old cows with him, in their summer dresses and heals, who were holding their beers aloft as if they were a gift to the gods to somehow win their youth back. Or the strange chick with the half Amy Winehouse hairdo who was doing the head back, eyes closed, slow swaying dance to the music. They were all priceless.

Nothing topped the group of four who were two rows in front of us, however. The one couple was pretty benign, but the blonde couple...god damn! The dude was one of these jock types who looked kind of like Matt Mulhern, who played Teddy Beckersted in "One Crazy Summer. In retrospect, I think I was waiting for him to turn around and say "I'll go when I'm done with my laps!" To which we would have replyed: "Thaaaaank Yoooou Teddy!" I digress. He and his lil woman, Cookie, were taking pulls of a silver plated flask all through the opening acts, and right up through the first few tunes. After about an hour of this Cookie starts to get all PDA flirty with Teddy and she's kissing his neck and rubbing his back under his shirt. Right around the time Teddy started pumping his fists upon realizing that the band was playing "Heaven That I'm Making" (prompting him to say: "I knew it. I knew they would play this next, bro.") Cookie started to go south. She was putting her head down for a different reason, and Inky and I were just waiting for her to blow chunks.... or as our antipodean friends would say chunder.

Somewhere between "She Called Up" and "Recurring Dream" Cookie went missing, and Teddy was worried. He darted around the section looking for her, and came back to enlist the help of the female from the other couple to go and look for her in the bathroom. By the time they came back "Don't Dream it's Over" was just wrapping up, and they missed the big hit! It was about the time they played the Seekers song, that Cookie came back, claiming that she was just off looking for water. It was at this time that Teddy and his woman sat down behind us and started having a "nothing fight" wherein Teddy bemoaned the fact that she made him miss "Don't Dream it's Over" and that he was worried that someone had "snatched her." She just kept repeating "I'm sorry, I was OK and I was just looking for some water." Teddy, for his part, was having none of it, and so the nothing fight went on for a while longer.

In the end, I think she was just waiting for Joel Murry to walk up to her and say "Cookie, why don't you and I quite playing all these games?"


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